Having a hard time getting enough protein in your life? These foods can help!

Sure, none of these foods are packed with 50g of protein, but we’re looking beyond the obvious protein-packed foods like chicken, eggs, greek yogurt, etc.

These are all foods that I enjoy, and surely there are plenty more that can get added to this list. But if you struggle to hit your protein goals, these simple additions to your diet can really help! Have a veggie burger and some feta cheese wrapped up inside a lavash, and you have a quick and easy 35g of protein!

Hitting your protein targets doesn’t need to be difficult, and it certainly doesn’t need to be boring. Plenty of people will tell you to avoid bread, but depending on which type you go with, you can be getting in an extra 12g of protein by eating it! And who doesn’t want bread in their life? Crazy people, that’s who.

High-protein doesn’t need to mean 20+ grams of protein. If you add in foods throughout your day with some extra protein, it can add up quickly. I mean, if you eat everything on this list, you’ll be getting 137g of protein and only 1,500 calories! Granted, it would probably be tough to turn these foods into well-rounded meals, but you get it.

It’s a great idea to build meals around a major protein source, but if getting in enough protein is difficult for you, adding in foods like the above can be extremely beneficial.

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