6 Surprisingly High-Protein Foods

Surprisingly high-protein snacks
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A very common issue I hear from people is that they struggle to hit their protein goals. And I completely understand that not everyone wants to eat chicken, eggs, beef, nuts, etc… you know, the common protein sources.

When you eat a high-protein diet, it’s the little choices that will add up and make all the difference. Here are some of my favorite, lesser-known protein sources.

Edamame is no secret, but people often forget just how high in protein it is. A cup of edamame is very similar to eating a protein bar, and is wayyy more fun to eat. Cheese is also a really great source of protein if you can handle dairy. String cheese makes a great, easy snack on the go, and Laughing Cow cheese wedges are one of my favorite secret protein weapons. Spread it on rice cakes (I see you @theflexibledietinglifestyle), celery, burgers, crackers, your face, wherever!

Bread is often forgotten about because 1) everyone thinks it’s evil and 2) everyone is gluten free. But sprouted grain (and whole grain) bread is a great way to power up your sandwiches and get some extra protein. And if you’re like me and you believe that all food tastes better when eaten with your hands, you’ll stock up on Lavash and wrap every single meal in one of those. Spread the Laughing Cow Cheese on a Lavash, throw whatever leftovers you have in there, and thank me later.

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