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3 Ways To Curb Your Late-Night Sweet Tooth

“I eat healthy all day, but I end up snacking so much at night”

Sound familiar? This is the #1 complaint I hear most from people. And to be totally honest, this is something I used to struggle with too.

When you try so hard to be healthy all day long, it can be incredibly frustrating to just blow it all at the end of the night. It feels like all of your control goes out the window and you just NEED to snack.

I don’t have that problem anymore though, and these are the 3 reasons why…

1. I now eat dinner later. I used to eat dinner at 5pm, so naturally I would find myself hungry and craving snacks by 8 or 9pm. But I’ve found that I don’t get incredibly hungry in the late afternoon and it’s very easy for me to wait to eat dinner until 7 or 8. And when I do that, there is no urge to snack later because it’s much closer to bed time.

2. I have a go-to dessert. Every night (literally, every night) I either have a waffle cone with a scoop of low cal ice cream (@edys slow churned, specifically) or something like a @yasso bar. I absolutely love ice cream, and I look forward to it every night! Every night I know exactly how many calories I’m consuming, and it satisfies my sweet tooth & desire to snack after dinner. For you, maybe it’s a cup of cereal or chips. Often times, one serving is all you need, especially once it becomes a habit.

3. Most importantly, let yourself eat sweets during the day! The main problem with people “binging” at night is because they are SO restrictive during the day. If someone brings cookies to work and all you can think about all day is eating a cookie, fighting that urge is only going to build and build. Soon you’ll find yourself hunched over a sleeve of Chip’s Ahoy. But if you let yourself eat that one cookie during the day when you want it, you’ll satisfy your craving right away without it building.

These 3 strategies have worked so well for me. Sometimes you’re just flat-out hungry at night, which is totally fine! But if you find yourself just craving sweets after dinner, use these tools to help.

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