Month: October 2019


Tomorrow kicks off #NoTrackNovember. I want to quickly share with you the what, why, and how of it all. Put simply, I believe that tracking macros (your daily fat, protein, and carbs) is a phenomenal tool to help you reach your goals. However, far too often people get completely obsessed over tracking and need to log …

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find the diet that works for you

Do What Works For You

You need to do what works for you. Not what works for someone else. I talk about eating what you want all the time. I preach eating cookies, donuts, waffles, you name it. I don’t believe you should ever have to deprive yourself of food you love. You can eat what you like AND reach …

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Supplements are a waste of money

Buying Supplements

Look, I don’t care how you spend your money. If you want to buy the newest iPhone, who am I to tell you how to spend your money? If it’s important to you, then it’s not a waste of money. If somebody wants to buy protein powder or pre-workout, then who are you to tell …

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eating late at night

Eating Before Bed

Who has heard that you shouldn’t eat before bed or it’ll turn to fat? I used to believe that too. But now I love eating at night! When it comes to losing (or gaining) weight, total calories should be your focus. It truly doesn’t matter if you spread your calories out over 5 meals, or …

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taco bell nutrition guide

Taco Bell Nutrition Guide

Bookmark or screenshot these for your next Taco Bell run!   Before diving into this one, I have 3 important notes. 1: This is not my way of saying you should or shouldn’t eat Taco Bell- you do you. 2: Anything listed here is assuming you’re ordering the item as-is. Obviously the macros change if …

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