Month: July 2019

Nutriton balance

Life Is All About Balance

I always recommend eating whatever you like and not restricting yourself, but I’m worried that message sometimes gets misconstrued. I truly think you should eat whatever it is that you love. Whether that’s pizza, donuts, burgers, or cereal, you should allow yourself to enjoy those foods when you want. But there is a limit. If …

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Take weight loss slowly

The Key To Weight Loss

The number one reason why people “fail” to lose weight is that they don’t have nearly enough patience. I often see 2 pounds per week stated as a realistic weight loss goal. And while I don’t disagree that it is attainable to do that, I see far too many people fail when trying it. Reason …

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Different types of cardio

The Best Type of Cardio

High intensity intervals, fasted cardio, low intensity… ever wonder which is best? You’re certainly not alone. It seems like we’re always on the hunt for the most effective fat burning form of cardio. And that answer is often conflicting. If you’re a competitive bodybuilder or athlete, choosing the “correct” form of cardio might be incredibly …

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