Month: May 2019

Mental strength takes work

Mental Strength

I struggled with anxiety for a very long time. My anxiety is a generalized social anxiety, and at its peak, it stopped me from doing things that required being around people. In summary…pretty much anything. I’m doing much better now. But it took a lot of work. When it comes to building strength in the …

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Hamburger calorie savers

Hamburger Calorie Savers

A lot of people perceive burgers to be an unhealthy food. But that’s mostly due to us associating burgers with low quality fast food, and often pairing it with high calorie sides like french fries or potato chips. It’s important to realize that not all burgers are the same. The concept applies to any food, …

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Different Espresso Drinks

Espresso Drinks

We love our coffee here in the US. Drip, pour over, french press, cold brew, you name it. But many other countries have none of these, and drink espresso instead. So let’s chat about those drinks… First things first, what exactly is espresso? Technically, it is coffee. Espresso is made from coffee beans, but it’s …

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Sashimi nutrition guide

Sashimi Nutrition Guide

If you’ve ever gone out for sushi, you’ve likely seen “sashimi” on the menu as well. Sashimi is simply taking the fish that you’d normally find in sushi, and serving it on its own without the rice. If you’re watching your carbs, sashimi is for you! There are lots of options out there, but here …

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