Month: March 2019

Sushi Nutrition Guide

Sushi Nutrition Guide

Sushi Time! I’ve been asked many times to put together a sushi nutrition guide, so here it is! (Consider this part one, because there are soo many different types!) For this guide, we’re only looking at sushi rolls. Traditionally, a sushi roll contains a small amount of filling and is wrapped in rice and rolled up …

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Weight Loss 101

Weight Loss 101

My recent post about adding butter to coffee seemed to rub a lot of people the wrong way. Specifically, people who don’t believe that weight loss is as simple as being in a caloric deficit. However, that is the one FACT about weight loss. If you are in a caloric deficit, you will lose weight. …

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Omelet nutrition guide

Omelet Nutrition Guide

When you cook your own breakfast, an “omelet” really just means scrambled eggs with a bunch of stuff in it. They’re nearly impossible to master. If you can make them, please teach me your secrets. When I go out to breakfast, I almost order myself an omelet. This graphic was made frankly because I needed …

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Is it possible to spot reduce fat

Spot Reducing Fat

It’s totally normal to want to lose fat in a specific area. We all have our own problem areas- maybe it’s your stomach, or your face, or your thighs. We become self conscious about these things, and bogus products capitalize on that with the promises of shedding fat from those areas specifically. Stop. They are …

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Mineral Diet Cheat Sheet

Minerals Cheat Sheet

Minerals are insanely important in our diets. We talk a lot about macros and getting enough protein, we even talk about making sure you get your vitamins, but minerals are SO important. To put it simply, your body can’t function without the right minerals. Too much of a certain mineral can also cause harm. Your …

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Protein Bar March Madness

Protein Bar Madness

Welcome to March Madness: Protein Bar Edition! How it works: The tournament is broken up into 4 different conferences of related products in an effort to give every bar a chance! The winning bar from each conference will face off in the Final 4, and ultimately one bar will be crowned champion. The prizes: One …

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Fast Food Fries Nutrition

French Fries Nutrition

Happy Fry-Day, friends! For this comparison, we’re looking at medium sized sides of fries at popular fast food places. If their fries don’t come in a medium, we’re using a “regular” side of fries instead. Generally speaking, this is the standard size of a side of fries that you will get. Obviously exact serving sizes …

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